Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Monday, January 9, 2006

If You Could Just Let Go ~I Can't Take It Anymore (c)2006, SingletonSold, Private Collection
Mother Mary, May I? And the answer,sweet child, is yes(C) 2006, SingletonSOLD
God Bless the spirit of our southern soles....and the Souls of our Southern Spirits...Peace~Love
Now I am JoeIt wasn't long ago that everytime I walked out my kitchen door, I found Joe there. Leaning up against his truck ...smoking a cigarette, gazing at the skies, smiling at the world I lived in. I would pull in my drive way, harried from the commute home and there he would stand, smiling. I know he didn't stand there all day, he created hundreds of thousands of projects in the 12 years I
The bluest eyes. Eyes the color of a perfect sky. That is where I will begin and end. With those blue eyes…..that danced in laughter at the absurdities that life blessed her with…an everyday life chocked full of calamities…. Teetering ladders, lost keys, speeding tickets, broken arms. Those blue eyes that sparkled with childlike delight at the magical moments….Caitlin’s first sentence,(A VERY,

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