Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dirty, Singleton 2006, Outsider Art

DIRTYOutsider Hippie Woman Artist(c) Singleton 2006Your dirty little fingers are everywhere,leaving fingerprintswhere no manhas gone before.But, don't be fooled,they aren't tatoosandlike a summer tan,they fade....blend....become part of the past....We need the beach....Colored markers, pens, pencils and all that hoo-hah on cardstock, collaged on canvas....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unfinished, Outside Art, Singleton 2007 1990

UNFINISHEDPRIVATE COLLECTIONOutsider Hippie Woman Art1990- 2007(c) SingletonThere was no beginningand end...Colored markers, pens, deja vue and tissue...paper collage on canvas....A page ripped from the diary, tattered from the years....And still....Unfinished....Click image to Enlarge

Sunday, April 8, 2007

In the Deep Deep Sea..., Singleton, 2007, Outsider Art

In The Deep Deep Sea...Outsider Hippie Woman Art(c) Singleton 2007SOLDIn the deep, deep seaWe played Russian Roulette,and you gambled with fate...stuffing your pockets with Christmas tinsel tokens...If you could cash them in at the corner store,you'd be a millionaire,but it's the deep, deep sea...and when we don't hold on to them for dear life,they're pulled the clawing, scratching

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