Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unique Writing Rituals of 20 Acclaimed Authors

You know those quirky little things authors supposedly always want/need to do as part of their writing routines? Well, I don't know if every author has a writing ritual quirk, but this article gives a list of 20 authors with unique writing rituals -- some of them even a bit bizarre.

Who knew, for instance, that Victor Hugo wrote naked (and had his valet hide his clothes) so he'd be forced to keep writing? (Nowhere to run, I guess, in the days before streaking. :))

Or that C.S. Lewis planned every minute of his working days in order to increase his productivity? (I wonder if I was him in a past life? lol)

In addition, Truman Capote apparently liked to work from bed. He referred to himself (proudly) as a "horizontal writer," which sounds interesting for all sorts of reasons.

Check out the article to see the rest of these wacky little writer habits. :)

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