Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Still Believe, Singleton 2008 Hippie Art

I Still Believe(c) Singleton 2008Firessplashingspitting,snakes gone mad,building anthillsin the garden...Havoc rainingtea colored stories,dripping,slipping,sepia maybes on the sunset....But not today.I believe in peace and loveand damned ifyou're gonnarainon myparade.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Tornado, Singleton, 2008 Outsider Hippie Art

The TornadoSOLD (c) Singleton 2008Black and whitefunnel cloud,leather studsand the sound ofa trainroaringgrindingsliding,touching down,picking up,scattering wordsout of orderand upside down,on their sides,empty coffee cupsrolling in the street.But I'm the puzzle,aren't I?And I gatherSunday trinkets,Friday lines,and the tattered wingsof spent tornadosin a collection plate,take them homeand glue

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Invitation, Singleton 2008 Outsider Hippie Art

The Invitation(c) Singleton 2008Family CollectionElbows on the bar,black beer coddled,warming,a mosquito pondat his fingertips....He sat,sipping the sameold nightime magic,waitingon changeto comeslipping throughthe roadside doors.He wasn't expectingthe butterfly,accidentallymomentarilylost by fate,flitting in and flitting out,just long enough tobrush him,rush him...And in in the daysand nights

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Gift, Singleton 2008 Hippie Art

The Gift(c) Singleton 2008SOLDLittle signs,yellow wings,forgotten songs,martini moons,stacking,unfolding like perfect paper dollsand landing,dancing,at my feet.....bread crumbs in the forest..."This way"......And I almost didn't go,weary of the whisper on my neck...."This way"....a little louder,a Stevie Ray Vaughnlull~a~byeslowlygentlyrocking my world.And then I knew.Door number one.Two.Three."

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