Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tink you, baby, Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art

Tink you, Baby!(c) Singleton 2007SOLDCatch me if you can,a butterfly parade in the wet morning grass,yellow and mellow, dancing in pinstriped socks,in the face of graffiti splashed on a ricketyfence,an underpass,a concrete wall...."She was here"......In Christmas tinsel,spider web strings,silvery summer rain,the last strand, the next strand, the lost strandof long blonde hair......Catch me if

Sunday, December 23, 2007

And there will be peace, Singleton 2007 Outsider hippie art

And there will be Peace(c) Singleton 2007The hawk hoveredgliding/slicingpapercutting the skyinto a zillion littlepieces ofbaby blueindigo blueforgotten blueconfettirainingfallingcrashingdownInto the moonlit and henna dirtymudpuddleAnd I watched my reflection there....waiting....On the sky to sinka thousand 501 bluesin jagged little piecesto the very bottom,heavyand fading...And for the sun to

Sunday, December 9, 2007

All I want for Christmas, Singleton Outsider Hippie Art

All I want for Christmas(c) Singleton 2007 She whispered tothe wind,who always listens,to the painted fence,a wooden confidant,the bouganvilla,with it's drunkenblooms,cups filled overflowing,moonshine for the soulsof butterflies..."All I want for Christmas,are trinket twigsto build this nest,this next,this everything to come,and stonesto line theskipping path,torock and rollme home....All I

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Superstitions, Singleton Outsider Hippie Art

Superstitions(c) Singleton 2007She knelt...The girl with thesilver spoon,bent andrustedscrapedon the sidewalkfrom scavengingfood for the soul,andplaced her hands,palms downon the coolwet earthto feel it's heartbeat.And she heardthe trains,one thousand faces inthe windowsgoing nowhere,and the bottom of the ocean,ten million milesoffairytale lifefloating,andthe sound ofcolor,never heard by anyone

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Butterfly Bride, Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art

Butterfly Bride(c) Singleton 2007SOLDYou rocked heryou rolled heryou spun her in the sand,taboocoquina cocoonand captured her,keepsake treasure,a day in the park...She said "I do"and "I will"and "I am"and "forever"but she wastalking to the windand you weren't listening,butterflies are case you didn't notice....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Glass Soul, Singleton2007 Outsider Hippie Art

Glass Soul(c) Singleton 2007SOLD She roseandcamespillowing backin smoke ringsand butterfly trailsthe sounds ofbottles clinkingwatersplashedwine uncorked.And he knewher instantly,Her voicea blues harp in the wind,beckoningreckoningtugging onhis 9 to 5whisperingin barely breathson his night timedreamless neck.And he knewshe knew.....

Monday, November 19, 2007

You Know What They Say,Singleton, 2007 outsider art

You Know What They Say(c) Singleton 2007SOLDI believe inyellow butterfliesand little white liesburiedin truths.I believesidewalks crackedare rivers wideand waiting,and tomorrowis just anotherfairytale,anotherquarter in the jukebox.I believe ifyou take my handI'll runawaywith youor from you,it doesn't really matter....

Friday, November 16, 2007

I wanna live, Singleton Outsider Hippie Art 2007

I Wanna Live.....(c) Singleton 2007SOLDHanging upsidedownbattedknotted wingsto theindigoleftover sky,swaying,waiting....afraid of the light....And nowin the yellowincandescentglow,circling,waiting for the morning....draped inborrowed wingsuprighthigherlaughing......gotta be free......

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Porcelin Doll, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

PORCELIN DOLL(c) Singleton 2007Silly manwrapped in a Magic 8 ballmomentpretendingaskingtellingtwistingthe truth into somepsychic Cassadagawhim....You werejust your secret house....But, don't worry,I'll never tell.....Colored pencils, ink, and finally, new markers! on Tuesday night cardstock

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I don't want, Singleton 2007, outsider art

I Don't Want (c) Singleton 2007SOLDYour memories tiedup in stack-me-up shrinesand famous first lines,the world's greatest love storynever toldtabooand shame on you....I just want peaceand a place to restmy legsmy armsmy silly storiesmy cowboy bootson New Years.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Orange Crush, (c) Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

ORANGE CRUSH(c) Singleton 2007Colored markers, ink, cardstock, tissue,glitter and all that hoo-hah on Sunday morning canvas

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Whisperer, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

The Whisperer(c) Singleton 2007SOLDHe didn't hear her comingbarefooted after the airplane crashedwhite noiseeverywhereand he didn't hear her goingbanging his gearseyes dartingon emptyhighwaysdodgingneon traffic cones,dead witches rising from the blacktop.But in the quiet,she whispers to himand it allcomesMother Sun risingback a featherdipped in indigo henna inktattoedAnd then he rememberswhat

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Marathon, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

The Marathon(c) Singleton 2007Collapsedon the vinyl seabelly to the sunriveted tothe momentI drifteyes closedand then open tothe rainsand rememberthe runningfaster and fasterout of breathand timeand aplace to hide.AndweightlessI tether myself toa pretendy bendy kind of peaceand the trinkety tidebecomesthe windand pushesmecloserto the edge.AndI waitto be lifted......Ink, colored markers, pencils,

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Telephone lines....Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art, Just Give me Peace

TELEPHONE LINES(c)Singleton 2007I'm twirling the make believecurly que cord in my hand,my hairtangledand mattedand bed-headed afterhearing you breathesighpause.And we hang upin "say the words"andI don't even listen,don't want to know,don't even want to hear them again,Just want to findpeaceinrememberingAndwhisperingthe words like a chantraI know you'll never forgetAnd Idon't wanttowreck what I

Sunday, September 2, 2007

On the Fly, Singleton 2007 Outsider Art

ON THE FLY(c) Singleton 2007On the Himalayaspinning,holding onto handsrailsmomentsnoiseRidingover and over againon acardboard ticket stubuntil we're spentand the onlything leftis an empty pocketand the sultryhighfrombeing on the fly Colored markers, pencils, Ink, and all that hoo-hah on Card Stock

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Cast Iron Harlot, Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art

THE CAST IRON HARLOTSingleton 2007SOLDNeon signsflying by,blowing in the wind,toppled over....roadside crossesblurred....daringus togo fasterjump the bridge,crash....I woke upwithpopcorn in my hair...and the dream,nothing morethankool-aid stains,dancing on thewhite-whiteof innocenceorfoolishness.Faster, please....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chapter Book, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

CHAPTER BOOK(c) Singleton 2007The pages are wetSalt soakedyellowedand sun bleachedand there's no endingor beginningFaceless peoplewithsorry other storiesflipthrough the wordstaking what they wantand making updimestore dramato fill the void.Fate or chance?You wrote the book.And the pages didn't really blow werejust chickenand tore them outto make it look that way...No wonder you're

Sunday, August 5, 2007

In Blue Mascara, Singleton 2007 Outsider Hippie Art

In Blue Mascara(c) Singleton 2007"I'll be mad"I said.And I'm sorry.I don't want to rememeber yourflitting, flirting, buy-one-free-get-one-freeeyes that way,swiping me withstolen blinks.Your lipsscrunchingin a knot,thinking,your smile,pink kool-aid just belowyour nose,betwitched.But I'm mad now,andI'm wearingblue mascara....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fortune Teller, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

FORTUNE TELLER(c) Singleton 2007A carnival at the seaaliveandspinningneon noiseandall for freefortunes andcheap plush toys.....But you don't see it,standing there.Dressed in your successwith life linesparenthesison what once was your smileand laugh lineshidden inyour palm,a souvenier token....From the fortune teller...Cheap little thrill rider.....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wasted, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

WASTED(c) Singleton 2007You didn't knowand youcouldn't thinkandit wouldn't havematteredif youdid.Youwere justdrifting,collectingFriday night beersand quarters tocall home with.And last call,came way to soonandmidnight laylike a wet blanketsuffocatingpushingyouunder.And you made your wish,if I could have one wish..."I just want you to love me"and I laughed at the sillyface you made...Wasted words

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are you there?, Singleton 2007 outsider art, Bachman 2007 words

The Best of TimesAre You Still There?Outsider Hippie Chick ArtGoodbyeblackandbluejeans(C) Singleton 2007 Artwork(C) Bachman 2007 PoetryBlack andbluejean goodbye;golden sheon the rockstechnicolor glorysaving all the bestfor first,for last..and between.Are you out there,yes, youbutterfly amplifier?are you on the eleven?say what?say what again...You know only one voiceand it's feeding youevery

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wet Paper, Singleton, 2007, outsider art

Wet PaperOutsider Hippie Woman Artist(c) Singleton 2007She watcheswith sultrydrug-store eyesand feedsyoueverylineshe'sever memorized fromthe jacket of aHarold Robbin's novel,and yougothere...youthought forjust a moment,there was something so familiaryou had to touchto haveto try to feel again.But the flowers in her hairare plasticand herwordsaredirty lipstick smudgesonwet're damaged

Sunday, July 8, 2007

And I'm pale now, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

And I'm pale,now...Outsider Hippie Artist Girl(c) Singleton 2007SOLDInthe dreamI wasmaking charmsfromrattlesnakebites,collecting themlike bottlecaps,souveniersfromsomepoisenousvenomnessplace.In the morning's heavy breath,I shed my nightime skin,crawl out from under the covers,and find,I'm an opaque,albino coloredmess....but themarks are goneandIsaved the rattlersto makemusic with.....

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Three Hundred and Sixty Five, 2007, Singleton Outsider Art, Bachman words

THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVEOutsider Hippie Woman Art Artwork (c) Singleton 2007 Poetry (c) Bachman 2007every string of hats from dead cowboyseach face painted with a new life; Some found that old Boot Hill was all of the three hundred and sixty five one night stands...Every dead cowboy met his matchon that one night he stood up to you; my strangerhow many hats do you own? do you wear?how many

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Gimme Peace, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

Gimme PeaceOutsider Hippie Female Art(C) 2007 SingletonSOLDJust give me peaceandyou can keepthe change.....I'll float...fudgesicle in a coffee cup....melting......Hippie Journals available nowColored markers, ink, pencils and all that hoo-hah on a rainy day...8 1/2 by 11

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Housekeeper, Singleton, Outsider Art 2007

THE HOUSEKEEPEROutsider Hippie Woman Art(c) Singleton 2007 She watches you....with giant helicopter eyesTidylittle package,secret little life..neatly foldedlaundry....She dances under the clothesline....Between the billowing sheets...And steals you blind......

Twig Spells, Singleton, Outsider Art

TWIG SPELLOutsider Hippie Woman Art(c) SingletonSOLDWe went there,laughing,stumbling,gathering twigs and rocks and shells...And lost ourselves...Wanderingdeeper anddeeper into the woods....Until the only way backwas to follow thetrail of brokentwigs and rocks and shells....To build a cocoonfrom the debris....

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dirty, Singleton 2006, Outsider Art

DIRTYOutsider Hippie Woman Artist(c) Singleton 2006Your dirty little fingers are everywhere,leaving fingerprintswhere no manhas gone before.But, don't be fooled,they aren't tatoosandlike a summer tan,they fade....blend....become part of the past....We need the beach....Colored markers, pens, pencils and all that hoo-hah on cardstock, collaged on canvas....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unfinished, Outside Art, Singleton 2007 1990

UNFINISHEDPRIVATE COLLECTIONOutsider Hippie Woman Art1990- 2007(c) SingletonThere was no beginningand end...Colored markers, pens, deja vue and tissue...paper collage on canvas....A page ripped from the diary, tattered from the years....And still....Unfinished....Click image to Enlarge

Sunday, April 8, 2007

In the Deep Deep Sea..., Singleton, 2007, Outsider Art

In The Deep Deep Sea...Outsider Hippie Woman Art(c) Singleton 2007SOLDIn the deep, deep seaWe played Russian Roulette,and you gambled with fate...stuffing your pockets with Christmas tinsel tokens...If you could cash them in at the corner store,you'd be a millionaire,but it's the deep, deep sea...and when we don't hold on to them for dear life,they're pulled the clawing, scratching

Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Pusher, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

The Pusher,Outsider Hippie Woman Artwork(c) Singleton 2007SOLDIt's darkand there's nothing.I can't breathe,but I hear butterflies panting, whispering...and I know you're there...Waiting....With the fix.I'm tainted now.Torn.Thorned.Breathless.And then it's dark again,and there's nothing.Nothing at all but the butterfliespanting, whispering, dancing in the dark.....8 1/2 by 11 on cardstock. All

Saturday, March 24, 2007

In the Weeds....., Outsider Art, Singleton 2007

In the Weeds....Outsider Hippie Woman Art(c) Singleton 2007SOLDTangled up in the sheets,the stories,your eyes...Running knee high throughthe weeds....Dandelions brushing long legsWe laughAnd I fall asleepwith eyes wide open.....kickingatthe covers.....81/2 by 11 on cardstock. Colored pencils, markers, pens and all that peaceful hoo hah...

Simply Saturday, outsider hippie art, Singleton 2007

(c) Singleton 2007SIMPLY SATURDAYOutsider Hippie Woman ArtSOLDTattered little wingsstrung around my neck,Feathered Trinkets falling to the ground....Dancing in the dustDancing in the pastDancing in the oldAnd it's all newAnd I've never been here beforeAnd never seen your face, your eyes, your smile...Felt your breathe....But it's the new lovethat's the oldest.....And I've missed you for a

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Ring, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

THE RINGOutsider Woman Hippie Art(c) Singleton 2007SOLDImposssible...This trinket...accidently lost...It's owner paying no mind...When the salty fingers of fatespider-danced up into the sandand stole, quickly,the glittered past...Impossible...This trinket...tumbling an oceanic wombof safeness,and thenClink.....Landing at my toes....Pencils, ink, markers, my life and all that

Saturday, February 24, 2007

And I Can't Breathe, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

And I Can't Breathe...Outsider Hippie Woman Artwork(c) Singleton 2007SOLD to the Keeper of My StoriesIt's quicksandandwe're running in place,digging our toes in deeper,drowning....And I can't breathe,There isn't any air...The quicksand,wet and thick andsomehow alive,swallowing our footsteps...erasing our past...Making us impossible to find...Colored Pencils, Markers, Ink and all that hoo-hah on

MARTINI MOON (c) Singleton Outsider Art 2007

Martini MoonOutsider Woman Hippie Artwork(C)2007, SingletonI wasn't lookingSo I can't look you in the eyes.I have to sneak peeks,So I'll rememberin the morning,or maybe forever...dancingever so slowto The National AnthemAnd it's so hot in here...with Jimmy Page and Tina Turnerwallsholding up the sky...But we laugh,andever so slow,under the blue martini moon...I find your eyes8 1/2 by 11 on

Friday, February 23, 2007

Last Call, (c) 2007 Singleton, Outsider Art

Last CallOutsider Woman Hippie Art(c) Singleton 2007I'll stop...for just a moment....Scooch closer to hear your voice,feel your smokey breath...a butterfly ghost on my cheek..."So...."You'll sayAnd I'll dig my toes into the sandAnd feel the dirty tide waterrising.You pour your heart out..."That's everything" you say...And I'm wading in your after party,treading through your stories....In the

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just Give Me Peace Dot Com

We have heard that if something is too easy, it's not worth havingWho really knows? But we're on the road to find out...Please join us in the hippie parade...Check out our new website underwayand follow our links there for some wonderful alternative artworkpeace, love, patience, perseverance & special thanks to the butterfly wings & lotus blossoms that help to give us flight...Fly high, be free &

Broken, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

Broken,Outsider Woman Hippie Artwork(c) Singleton 2007Silly man,I twined my life togetherwith old leather.Ask any biker,it only gets stronger...Aged, it's silky patinaglides, slides, rides....You think you broke the chainwith your charm,but I'm floating,Simply resting at the Seawall...Treasure huntingwith my toes....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Other Fish in the Sea, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

Other Fish In The Sea(c) Singleton 2007Outsider Woman Hippie ArtistSOLDI see you.Barely there..A shadowon the other side ofThe filthy glass wall...The water is so murky,smokey,polluted...And my fingerstrace your faceAndtouch you...Your hand on mine...In the deep deep water...Break the glass

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

THE RED SHIRT, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

(c) Singleton 2007Outsider Woman Hippie ArtThe RED ShirtSOLDI see youwith your borrowed bar room eyes...watching.But you didn't count onall those drinks...Your spy slipping intoan early pity party,elbows on the bar,face falling gentlyinto the glittered shot...And I waited.Saved the last dance...For the get-away.81/2 by 11 cardstock, colored pencils, markers, ink, and all that hoo-hah late at

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DRIFTWOOD, Singleton 2007, Outsider Art

DriftwoodOutsider Woman Hippie Art(C)2007 SingletonThe days are shorter nowAnd the long nightsinterrupted bychaotic dreamsgive birth toa quiet tide...A weeping wave,folding her soft salty armsaround her secret strength...Regrouping...gathering sandy treasurestotoss lazily when the time is right.Tink.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dance of the Butterfly, Singleton, 2007 hippie art

Dance of the ButterflyOutsider Woman Hippie ArtSingleton © 2007, SOLD It's All Good.You yank my chains,pull my strings...and I'm swirling, twirlinggoing lowon the dancefloor.until the music stops...long arms and legs tangledin the moment~suspended in silence.But I fooled you.I have butterfly wings,Ever so translucent,And I slipQuietly fromyour Friday night cocoonDance of the Butterfly ©2007,

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Monday, January 1, 2007

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