Friday, February 10, 2006

Beautiful Barfly2006(c), SingletonOutsider Hippie Art
Heart Shaped Hate(c)2006, SingletonOutsider Hippie Art
Sudden Signs(c)2006, SingletonSOLD...TO THE KEEPER OF MY THOUGHTS
Rumors Snake(c)2006, SingletonOutsider Hippie Art
Outsider ArtMarried Money(c)2006, Singleton
Lions, Tigers & Beers, Oh MySOLDPRIVATE COLLECTION (c)2006, Singleton
Dirty Little Butterfly(c) 2006, SingletonSOLD
Tuesday is the DaySold, Private Collection2006 (c) Singleton
Marry MeSold, Private Collection(c)2006, Singleton
Grape Vine Peace Sign1991, (c) Paiger
Dreadlock Angel Private Collection1995 (c) Singleton
Sky Baby SleepsPrivate Collection(c) 1994, Dufresne
One of My Momma's GirlsPrivate Collection(c) 1993, Suzanne

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