Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The E-Book Effect

I got a laugh out of this column by David Pogue on "antique e-books." I mean you gotta love the idea of an e-book that's more than a month old being an "old e-book" (as opposed to an "ancient e-book," which would be between two to five months old--any older than that, well, check your local museum). And I love the notion of the Lamenting Corner--no bemoaning allowed. (No bemoaning aloud, that is--sorry, sorry, couldn't resist . . .) Thanks to the Reader's Advisor Online for this.

Meanwhile, the NY Times asks, "Is a Book Still a Book on Kindle?" or "With Kindle, Can You Tell it's Proust?" That second question is a fair one, and it's about more than just impressing other people with what you're reading. E-books will eliminate serendipitous conversation based on observing the covers of books other people read. When I was commuting by subway and train, I used to love it when people noticed me reading a book and commented on it. (Usually to say how much they had enjoyed it, too.) However, e-books still aren't the norm. So we haven't completely lost those random opportunities to connect. And I still can't see myself curling up with a Kindle at the end of the day. But, hey--that's just me.

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