Saturday, August 29, 2009

'How I Became a Famous Novelist' (via Suite101)

Okay, I'm trying out something a bit different here. I've written a review of HOW I BECAME A FAMOUS NOVELIST by Steve Hely, but I've written it for Suite101, which means I can't reproduce it online (that would be competition I've agreed not to engage in, and promises is promises, right?). But I can promote my work online, which includes linking to the review in my own blogs, of which this is one.

So . . . I'll just say that the book is an almost agonizingly real depiction of the publishing game. A brilliant satire, I think I call it. Well, worth checking out. As is my review--so check them both out, okay? Thanks!

Oh, and just a footnote. Star Lawrence will continue to have guest reviews posted here. (Unless she also becomes a Suite101 writer. Who knows?) One way or other, I'll keep the reviews coming.

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