Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 20 Essential Indian Novels

Here's another one of those interesting little articles with lists of books that manage to find their way into my email inbox. Okay, so this one is called The 20 Essential Indian Novels.

And the article gives a list of 20 books, with the following introduction:

India's ancient, volatile history, multicultural and multiethnic heritage, and varied geography make it a hotbed for amazing literature. Unfortunately, so few of its vast offerings garner much recognition or renown in the United States. Bibliophiles and students hoping to delve into the dazzling array of Indian literature available might want to consider this list a great, diverse start; however, by no means does this downplay the importance or value of other writers and works.

Oh, okay. :)

PS: There will be a small break in regular blogging, while I take a couple of weeks e-vacation.

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