Sunday, September 18, 2011

DIY Canvas Wall Art |Easy Diy Canvas Wall Painting

Murals - if you are a child's room decor, nursery or playroom, you can decorate the walls with murals. This may require a lot of work and artistic ability. Consider your child's tastes and favorite patterns. You can paint murals in the jungle scene, a fantasy land, African safari, or fish and marine animals in the water landscape.

Tapestry - You can come from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world where the exotic tapestries to decorate your living room or den. This will be more meaningful, if you buy the tapestry of your travel at home and abroad.

DIY Canvas Wall Art

DIY Canvas Wall Art

DIY Canvas Art Materials:
    * Either: blank canvas, primed canvas, unprimed canvas, stretched canvas, or a painters canvas
    * Cool wallpaper
    * Masking or painter’s tape
    * Staple gun or glue
    * Paint (various colors)
    * Paint brushes, small roller
    * Pattern (optional)
    * Ruler
    * Pencil
    * Large spoon
DIY Canvas Wall Art

DIY Canvas Wall Art

Use an image editor to enhance your photos, enhance your photos printed on canvas using professional software such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. You can also choose to provide a variety of free online image editing. No matter which program you choose, have a different effect, try color combinations and layout of the experiment. This will open your door, look at your digital images of numerous development possibilities.

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