Saturday, October 1, 2011

50 Greatest Novels for Art Students

While the word "art" can mean different things to different people, those who study art may find it helpful to seek refuge in the world of literature from time to time.

For that reason (presumably), this article entitled 50 Greatest Novels for Art Students was written.

As the article states:

Preparing to enter the often brutally critical art world can be a tough journey. Art students need lots of support, practice and inspiration to make their time in art school the best preparation possible to take on a serious fine art career. While professors, other artists and students offer up a lot of that, books can also be an amazing place to get a little inspiration or insight into what it’s really like to work as an artist. Here are some of the novels we believe will be the best reads for young artists in training. Covering diverse genres like historical fiction and mystery, there’s bound to be something for every aspiring artist to curl up with on a rainy day.

 Hmm ... "brutally critical" ... "tough journey" ...? Can you think of any other pursuit to which those words might apply?

Think hard. :)

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