Saturday, April 21, 2012

9 Most Controversial Pulitzer Prize Winners Ever

Timing is interesting, isn't it? I just happened to get this article in my email. I thought I might share it, as bloggers tend to do.

I'll quote the leading paragraph for you:

The Pulitzer Prize is the Academy Award for writers. Winning it means the admiration of peers and readers, recognition and validation of the subject matter, and a nice cash prize for the author. Like any contest that could define a career, there is the potential for heated debates and passionate disputes. For these nine Pulitzer winners, victory came with a big asterisk.

Well, I couldn't help noticing that #6 is no one. I guess we can add 2012 to the list, huh? Or the year to no one. Whatever.

Frankly, here's my feeling about the whole thing. #iamfoolish

As an ebook author who supports indie bookstores, I was out shopping today and I was happy to see that the dead Borders was replaced by a BAM, i.e., Books a Million. I wish it were an indie bookstore, but it wasn't. So, I chose to feel good about having any bookstore at all. Hey, it's something, right? :)

PS: Ann, please consider taking my advice. You really shouldn't take yourself too seriously. I've chosen to be happy, and I think I'm much better off as a result. #iamfoolish

I also happened to get this from a fortune cookie: "Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause." True story!

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