Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amazon Reviewers Can Be A Tough Audience

As an author who's actually suffered the heartbreak of a one-star Amazon review (ouch! was it really THAT bad??), I couldn't help but be somewhat heartened to see that classic books and authors have suffered at the hands of Amazon reviewers, too. (Of course, most of the authors are dead and don't care. Even so.)

And, OMG--check out this list. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is derided as "sappy" and "cliched." CHARLOTTE'S WEB is dismissed as an "[a]bsolutely pointless book to read," which "should be banned from every school, library, and bookstore in the Milky Way." (Jeez!)

Then the one for THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL by Anne Frank--you'd think this was sacrosanct material here, but you'd be wrong--said: "I didn't like this book because it was boring. That's all that needs to be said. It was very very very very very very very very very very very boring. If you have to read this book shoot yourself first."

Well, damn.

There are even a few one-star reviews of THE BIBLE. Example:

"Man, this book is boring. All this weird stuff happens and it's harder to get into than Lord of the Rings. And what's up with the red writing and the LORD says stuff. All caps = rude, peter paul and mark, whoever the heck you are. And this is just badly written. James Patterson could do better. These apostles need to get a clue and hire a ghost writer. Even Miley Cyrus's manager was smart enough to do that. Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ, indeed."

The article ends on a downbeat note. However, I'm starting to feel a lot better about that one-star review.

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