Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Banned Books Week 2010

In case you wondered, Banned Books Week is running from Saturday, Sept. 25 through Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010.

Check out the Web site. Among other things, you'll find a listing of events taking place throughout the U.S., a special event called Banned Books Week Read-out, a map of book censorship (places not to live? LOL) and things you (yes, you reading this blog :)) can do to encourage free speech and fight censorship.

And in celebration (sort of) of this week, here are the Top 10 books of 2010 (in terms of number of attempts at banning). It always alarms me to see titles like TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (One reason: "Racism" -- well, duh) and TWILIGHT (One reason: "Unsuited to Age Group" -- um, wasn't it written FOR young adults?) on such lists.

And a hat tip to Buried Under Books for providing the Top 10 List. And not just because the blog will be a stop on my soon-to-be-officially announced blog tour for IDENTITY CRISIS. :) (Kind of the last hurrah before the sequel, LEAST WANTED, comes out in late fall -- I hope. LOL And you heard it here first, everyone.)

Quick plug: For more details about my "20 Questions Blog Tour," check my blog, My Life on the Mid-List. An official announcement is in the offing. And an awesome time should be had by all.

Oh, and here's a sneak peek at one of the awesome sauce tour logos (which, as a card-carrying techno-idiot, I can't figure out how to save and embed -- but, no problem, it will all be good).

Again, you lucky readers are the first to know. (And thanks to Missie at The Unread Reader -- another stop along the tour -- for designing the really cool tour logos! I'll, um, be in touch about the embedding thing.)

Thank you. :)

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