Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bamboo Interior Design Concept

Many people want to have their own bamboo curtain is not dyed or natural, rather than allowing them to instinctively look to keep bleaching stain. Elegant wine produced wood for your house comfortable atmosphere. Civilization in Asia, bamboo has been used in a good split, or blinds of housing in the soft cool air.

interior design that combines tradition and modernity, have amazing results here we can see the neatly arranged bamboo and wicker have a roof like that belongs in the Chinese tradition. The entrance also follow the theme of bamboo. walls covered with bamboo materials that follow the original line of the wall, turning it into a wavy surface.

This is a complicated singular bamboo for interior decorating suggestions for Tang Palace Restaurant was combined by Chinese organisation Atelier FCJZ and is located in Hangzhou, China. Therefore, a structure needs to reshape a space with a vast hollowed-out roof that is built from interweaved spare bamboo play and fluctuating from a wall to a ceiling. The waved roof formula in a thespian visible countenance in a hall. The hollowed-out bamboo net maintains a authentic story tallness and so formula in an interactive propinquity among a amounts. We also wrapped a core mainstay with light-transmitting bamboo play to arrange a light-box, that transforms a progressing critical petrify retard into a light and sharp-witted concentration object.

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