Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Book Frog: Life After Borders

Hi there. As part of my continuing quest to show support for bookstores, I thought I'd post about a new indie bookstore that has, in point of fact, risen from the ashes of Borders' destruction. So to speak.

The bookstore is called The Book Frog. As I understand it, the store was founded by a couple of ex-Borders refugees employees. You can find it on Facebook. I like it there. :)

I'm in Maryland and the store is in Harbor City, CA. So I'm pretty much limited to liking it online.

I really do like it, though. Enough to blog about it.

And try to find out some stuff about Harbor City so this post wouldn't be totally boring would be a little bit more lively.

So, I tried to learn something ... anything ... about Harbor City on Google. But all I could find was Chamber of Commerce type stuff. BOH-ring!

Well, I'm way too gimpy lazy busy a blogger to do a lot of work on this, so I turned to Google images. I typed in "Harbor City" and look what I found.

Okay. I think this may actually be a photo of the harbor at Crescent City, CA. But it looked so awesome, I decided, "What the hell. Slap it up there. Maybe they're the same place." Who knows, right?

Then, I found this.

Now, according to Google, this is an actual Harbor City home. So ... if you lived in Harbor City, this could be your home. Or something. Maybe.

But wait! It gets even better. And I swear this actually did come up in my Google images search on Harbor City ...

BTW, did you know that Jennifer Tilly is from Harbor City, CA? That probably explains a lot.

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