Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mystery Loves Company (Updated)

Last week, I wrote a post about booksellers, in which I suggested bookstores use blogs creatively to sell books and other items in order to compete more effectively with big online retailers.

Well, today I appeared at a SinC event with 18 authors (one couldn't make it) at the Howard County Public Library, East Columbia Branch.

And guess who was selling books? That's right. An indie bookseller, Mystery Loves Company.

Now, Mystery Loves Company used to be located in Baltimore (the city) in the Fells Point section -- you've heard of it, right?

Well, times changed and the store decided the city was too expensive filthy crime-ridden it needed a change of scenery.

So, now it's located here.

Pretty awesome, huh?

PS: The store's blog is called Mystery Salon.

UPDATE: Guess what? I got a comment from Kathy Harig, one of the owners of Mystery Loves Company. She wants to kill me make sure I understand the real reasons her husband and she moved the store.

And the real reason is that they decided to move the store to Oxford when they took up residence on the Eastern Shore in 2005 and it became too difficult to keep two stores open. And that's the real reason, okay? And Kathy doesn't want to kill me at all. :)

And the store in Oxford is doing very well and has gotten great support. Awesome!

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