Saturday, December 17, 2011

20 Essential Books About Special Education

Once again, I have an article to share with an interesting list of books. In this case, it's a list of books about special education.

I'll just quote a bit from the article to give you an idea, okay?

Special education teachers require a very specific set of skills if they hope to do right by their students. Even the best make mistakes, but opening up to what others have to say and offer grants them an excellent opportunity to learn and forge viable future solutions. That’s why reading proves fundamental when entering the industry. Without the free exchange of ideas and insights, many promising kids and teens with special needs might not receive the educational opportunities that are their right.

Plenty of fantastic reads exist beyond this, of course, so read these selections and use them as an introduction to all the varying perspectives out there. This list strives more for diversity rather than any one facet in particular. Don’t take it personally if a favorite ended up left off. That doesn’t make it a bad book by any means!

Well, of course not. All books are special, right? And somehow this topic reminds me of this heartbreaking movie.

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