Saturday, February 18, 2012

Clinton Book Shop's Awesome Website

As you know, if you read this blog regularly, I've been doing a series of posts in support of indie booksellers. This was the last one I posted.

I realize it's been a while since the last post, but if you click on this link, you'll get some idea how busy this slightly gimpy author/blogger has been lately. So please bear with me, okay? :)

I wanted to tell you about an indie bookstore called Clinton Book Shop, which as you can see if you click on the link has the most awesome website.

It also has a slogan: "We know books. Books are all we do." That's more than I can say for some retailers.

Oh, look! It also has a quotation, right at the top.

“What I say is, a town isn't a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it's got a bookstore it knows it's not fooling a soul.” ― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Not only that, but the site lists all the cool events going. So, it offers way more than just books. It's a community resource and arts promoter.

And the site even gives you some background about the store. To wit:

Visit Clinton, NJ and take a step back for a minute and try to remember what it was like to be served with pride, with the knowledge that you matter. That is what a visit to the Clinton Book Shop is like. We are and have been INDEPENDENTLY owned and operated , serving the town of Clinton, New Jersey for nearly 40-years. The proprietor of the Clinton Book Shop, Harvey Finkel, has been a resident of Hunterdon County for more than 40-years. Harvey's investment is just one of the many elements that have helped make the Clinton Book Shop a local institution.

And they even include a couple of really cool pictures of Clinton, NJ.


Almost makes you feel like you're there, doesn't it?

However, if you can't actually go there, you can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

I would be most remiss if I didn't mention that the site has a link to IndieBound. Book retailers are able to work together, get along and try to make a living. Apparently.

And here's a cool book trailer I found on IndieBound's site.

Clearly, Clinton Book Shop is an indie bookstore that has its sh*t act totally together. :D

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