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A roof sign, which is obviously a sign posted on the roof of the building company or any service establishment. A sign on the wall, it can be printed or drawn business. It is generally considered to be commercial, if there is any form of logo, brand, location, phone number, or any other business-related labels. Levy for the purpose of the wall, mural art is usually considered. A flag is a sign extended from the building, usually designed by traffic. The billboard is a raised, off-site signs, usually along the roads and much higher than other types of signs. It is also the mobile advertising vehicle traffic signs.

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Signs are different sizes and shapes, are hung in different ways. Commercial banners, flags and pennants usually cloth, plastic or paper. It is usually permanent and is not attached to utility poles, vehicles, or building with nails, string or glue. There are bulletin boards, marker, chalk or soft wood, to show certain types of business information, general news, announcements or restaurant menu items. A separate sign is attached to any building, structure, usually composed of a wooden or metal frame to support his weight. Portable sign is designed to move from one place to another place, common examples are for sale or open house real estate signs. A very marked billboard is independent of buildings or other vertical support rod into the ground.

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There are also various forms of billboards. Is a bright neon light tube inflatable signs of glass, very effective attention. An animated character, is a neon, LED or LCD sign, the use of special effects action and similar video and film. A beacon is when the strong light beam into the atmosphere to form a trademark or slogan in the air. Beacons can move or rotate as well. Indirect lighting logo contains its own light. They have light shines in their secondary schools. The opposite signs of signs of direct lighting, its own built-in lighting and projection equipment from the back front of the sign.

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