Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Neon advertisements for restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. LED light box is a glass tube filled with inert gases such as neon and argon. When the glass tube by high voltage, causing the gases inside the LED light warm cool. Today, signs of opening up more popular.

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Open the characters sense of identity of the company or enterprise, a number of reminder, all about your business, they look like bombs. Neon signs of any company is always necessary, especially since hulle'n very low, affordable price. Bright signs of customers. This day come, LED light box using a personal business message for your business promotion, more colorful display of electronic information signs.

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The advantages of neon
  • They are made from hard plastic, not broken.
  • A lot of money can be saved, it is not necessary to sit down every time the lights.
  • Lower power consumption, so energy is converted to heat, electricity, etc. used for other purposes.
  • It provides better clarity and persistence.
  • Do a lot of space, even small cracks in Excel.
  • It is considered the most affordable, cost-effective, popular and vibrant modern advertising.
  • Inert gas used for neon signs is not destroyed or threatened, so there is no possible biological hazards, and did not respond to difficult circumstances.

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