Saturday, April 9, 2011

Libraries: It's All About the Information

Here's a thought. What would you say to the notion of a library without books?

Too radical by far? Let's stop and consider for a moment. In this case, Newport Beach, CA is toying with the idea of ridding one of its library's branches of books as a cost cutting measure. Keep in mind public libraries don't usually have a lot of bucks in their budgets to throw around. So ... what to do? Particularly when (as in this case) a collection is underutilized, i.e., just sitting there and gathering dust.

Besides, libraries are really more than book repositories. They are community gathering places. Places to find information, whether it be in print or electronic databases.

Besides, what with the increasing availability of options like this, how long before a print book collection becomes too costly and cumbersome to maintain? Just wondering.

Bummer. Because I really do like print books still. Honest.

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