Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Politics and Prose: Why Community Bookstores Matter

As a reader (and even as an author) I'm a huge fan of bookstores. Particularly small independent bookstores that cater to community interests. Bookstores that become gathering places for people or "hang outs," if you will.

Recently, one DC-area independent bookstore, Politics and Prose, found a buyer. This saved it from getting shuttered. Why does this matter to someone like myself who's making a living selling ebooks like LEAST WANTED, IDENTITY CRISIS and FIVE UNEASY PIECES?

Because bookstores are about more than just the books, in my opinion. They are gathering places where people congregate and exchange rational discourse. Or as often randomly meet.

And I thought this article summed that up nicely.

Call me nuts, but I still like bookstores. Even if they won't carry my print books. :)

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