Saturday, March 24, 2012

Promoting Literacy with Little Libraries

 "Welcome! This Little Library Needs a Home"

Please click on that link, because it describes a voluntary book exchange program. The program is supported by volunteers and donations. Cash donations can be made online through Paypal, if you choose.

And the program has been in the news. Apparently. Including coverage on NBC Nightly News.

Saturday, March 10 Click and watch.
"All Things Considered" on National Public Radio Listen in!
In USA Today! See the story and photos.
TV News: Building Libraries Behind Bars Watch it
Front Page,
Milwaukee Journal See it.
Little Libraries in Africa! Click here. 

And this is a program to establish exchanging print books for absolutely nothing to people who need them, for the sake of literacy. I wonder if the big online retailer/publisher who cares so much about literacy will be willing to make a huge donation to this program soon. 

PS: I would like to thank Star Lawrence, who owns two blogs— and a recession site called—and posts the occasional guest review on this here blog (to pick up the slack for a very gimpy lazy busy blogger), for alerting me to this awesome literacy program. :D

PPS: Look who made an appearance at the Dunstable, MA public library this very day! Mystery author Dale Phillips. Most awesome! :D

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