Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Awesome Authors and the Irony of it All (Updated)

Hello, it's me. I just wanted to tell you that two awesome authors are offering their books for absolutely nothing this weekend on Amazon (of course).

One of them is Simon Swift, whose novel BLACK SHADOWS is awesome (and absolutely FREE on Amazon this weekend), as you can see from the review I wrote and posted on this here blog.

Yes, it has a new and even more awesome cover now, but the content is still brilliant as ever.

The other is Timothy Hallinan, who's so amazing I can't begin to say type enough nice things about him. I'm simply too gimpy overwhelmed to do it.

But, seriously? Edgar nominee? Macavity?

And, lest we forget ... can you say SHAKEN: STORIES FOR JAPAN?

But I digress.

I wanted to tell you about Tim Hallinan's free book this weekend, THE BONE POLISHER.

BTW, I've done a bit of cross-promotion with Timothy on one of my other blogs. It'll give you some idea of what the book is about and how awesome Tim is without me having to retype everything. I love the Internet! :)

And isn't it ironic that all this is about promoting authors who are offering free books through Amazon and helping a gimpy author with her Amazon book launch? Especially a gimpy author who supports indie booksellers.

But, hey -- it's only for a week, right? ;) And if I do well enough, I'm making a charitable donation to the Dalai Lama Mind & Life Institute. Will this qualify as good karma?

PS: I'll overlook the irony of this, if you will. Ahem!

UPDATE: Good grief, I've become so retarded overwhelmed, I completely missed this opportunity to promote my ebooks. Is that ironic or what?

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