Saturday, January 28, 2012

10 Bestselling Books that Were Later Debunked

Apart from having one of the most bizarre unique headlines ever, this article provides a list of 10 books that became bestsellers, only to have their authors outed as liars exaggerating the facts not remembering things correctly. Oh, whatever. :)

Here's what the article says, and I quote:

The literary world often ends up painted as some stuffy realm of academics and intellectuals who whittle away their days polishing their monocles and dusting their sepia-toned globes. Meanwhile, in the real world, it’s positively rife with drama to rival that of the latest self-deluded pinheads paraded around on MTV for society’s perverse enjoyment. Scandals abound, including fake identities, fake memories, fake science, thievery, and other schadenfreude delights. And it’s all the more frustrating (and maybe a little entertaining) when one of the contested books lands squarely on a bestseller list.

Really? Okay.

BTW, speaking of interesting facts. Did you know that today is the 125th anniversary of the world's largest snowflake?

I know, because I saw it on the Google search page.

I can think of at least one blogger who might be interested in that bit of trivia. :)

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