Tuesday, January 24, 2012

11 Books About Coming of Age

The headline of this post is actually is a bit misleading, because the real headline of this article says it's about 11 Books to Celebrate on Coming-of-Age Day, whatever that means.

Anyway, here's what the article actually says (word for word):

Remember the day you became an adult? Maybe you walked across a stage and threw your cap in the air, or maybe you strapped on some tefillin and read from the Torah. Maybe you are Mentawaian and got your teeth chiseled. Every second Monday in January, the Japanese celebrate Coming-of-Age Day, when all those who have recently turned 20 drink, party, and go crazy. In honor of the big day, why not drink a toast to your lost youth and think back fondly on it with the help of these excellent coming-of-age books (most of which you can read in a few days or less).

That's it. And then it lists the books with brief descriptions.

Hold on. Which headline is misleading?

PS: The list includes the book shown above, as well as this one ...

This one gets mentioned in this mystery. :)

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