Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good News (I Think) for Indie Booksellers

There's good news for small retailers, including bookstores. According to this article, consumers are supporting local booksellers and other retailers, due in part to the use of online strategies to compete with you-know-who. Ha ha ha ...

Hey, what did I tell you? :)

Of course, these strategies don't always work out for everyone. Life isn't always fair. And success is never guaranteed, is it? Have I foreshadowed enough? Okay, here's the bottom line.

The last part of the article says: 

Yet some small retailers with e-commerce sites say that no matter what consumers say, supersites’ prices are just unmatchable.

Mike Stewart opened Feather & Fly, a sporting-goods store in Chattanooga, Tenn., eight years ago. As online stores started to pull away his customers, Mr. Stewart began selling some products on the Web.

Online, he found, "there’s no way I could compete against a big-box type store that could have massive inventories or cut deals to get better rates," he said.

"We did have good customer loyalty here," said Mr. Stewart, as he boxed up the inventory left over after his going-out-of-business sale, "but the Internet is a killer."


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