Saturday, January 21, 2012

Between the Covers: Tattered Cover Book Blog

In Denver, CO, there's an indie bookstore called the Tattered Cover that really has its online act together. Not only does it have a website, complete with an awesome video, but it actually has a blog.

You'll note the blog features the following store links: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, GoodReads and podcasts.

Now, is that impressive or what?

Please note also the good placement of text and graphics, an important aspect of good blogging, in my opinion.

Check out this post, for instance. See how nicely the three books are arranged on the virtual page?

Also, notice the descriptions. Apparently, this store isn't an asshole snob is more open to embracing new authors, regardless of how they got started than certain people I could name.

Well, it threw me for a loop. :)

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