Saturday, January 14, 2012

Books and Technology: Who's Being Disingenuous?

You know, when you're telling a story, it seems to me that it shouldn't matter whether that story is told on a printed page or by way of a digitized file. I realize some people prefer one to the other and that's fine. I'm good with both formats, actually.

Now, creating literature on the other hand would seem to require substantial human input, right?

So, how could anyone say that a bunch of CAPTCHA-created stories could comprise a literary genre? Seriously?

And have you seen the actual story created? Well, here you go. Just click this link.

Bizarre Interesting, isn't it? And yet the New York Times Book Review would damn a formerly self-published ebook author with faint praise.

I think what we have here is a bad case of putting the "fart" in art. (via Pretty Feet, Pop Toe) Ha ha ha ...

PS: Speaking of disingenuous, haven't I blogged about this before?

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